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Stumps look ugly and reduce the aesthetic appeal of your property. They may also accommodate pesky insects that may cause diseases. What's the solution for stumps? Uproot them. The tricky bit is that stumps are difficult to remove and require a professional stump removal service.

You can choose to either remove or grind the stump. If you're looking for a stump removal service, you may get confused by the sheer number of companies in the market. Most of these companies claim to offer a fantastic service. However, removing a stump is complex and requires professional equipment and techniques. If you’re looking for a tree service in Vallejo ca, we have the technology, workforce, and knowledge of providing high quality stump removal service.

Why you should remove stumps
There are various reasons why you should remove stumps from your property. These include:

  • Stumps are ugly: the unsightly nature of stumps reduces the beauty of your property. In case you intend to sell the property, the presence of stumps may reduce the amount that a prospective client may want to offer you. You can improve the view of your property by getting rid of the stumps.
  • Safety: stumps may pose a danger to your kids when running around. The child may stumble on the stump and get injured. Additionally, a stump in your compound may harm a neighbor. The presence of stumps may hamper mowers from trimming your lawn.
  • Sprouting of additional trees: new sprouts may grow out of the stumps. Apart from competing for nutrients with desirable plants, these sprouts make your landscape have an unattractive look. To retain the intended shape, you must use massive amounts of money to remove the shoots.
  • Difficulty in moving around: the presence of stumps hinders free movements everywhere. You may find it difficult to perform specific tasks like weeding if your yard has stumps.
  • Attract insects: when stumps start rotting, they may attract specific insects like termites.

Removing stumps is not a walk in the park. You need to have the right tools and an experienced workforce to deliver the task. At Vallejo tree service, we have state-of-the-art machinery and a professional crew to offer you an excellent stump removal service at a budget-friendly cost. We visit the site and assess the area before we embark on executing the task.

Our promise to you includes:

  • Safety: we deliver service with minimal harm to trees or surrounding buildings.
  • Timeliness: we deliver our service on time as planned. We usually take a day to finish the task.
  • Quality: we completely get rid of the stump and clear any debris
  • Affordability: we offer affordable service to our clients. We evaluate the task and give you a free quote before we commence the work.
  • Superior customer care: we're always ready to respond to any queries you've. We have friendly and caring staff that treat each of our customers with respect.
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